MOD Duo Multi-Effects Linux Based Open Ended Pedal

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MOD Duo Multi-Effects Linux Based Open Ended Pedal

The MOD Duo is an open source linux based hardware pedal that enables the user to create patches using software control and MAX/MSP integration. 

The hardware unit has 1/4" Input and Output jacks as well as MIDI and USB ports for communication. It has been all open source and has a community of users that update the patches and create many ways in which one can create a variety of effects.

The linux based open ended system provides a pretty awesome visual experience for the user that enables them to work with patch cables to patch different combinations of pedals for a unique multi-effects experience. 

The hardware can be customizable and the software can be customizable so this unit can be whatever the user wants it to be. 

MOD Duo Multi-Effects Pedal

Mod Duo