NAMM 2017 : New Modules From 4MS


NAMM 2017 : New Modules From 4MS

NAMM 2017 update on 4MS

4MS has released two new Eurorack Modules called The Stereo Triggered Sampler and The Tapographic Delay

The Stereo Triggered Sampler has an SD card slot for loading and saving samples and features recording inputs directly under the SD card with knobs for pitch, sample start point, length and a reverse button. Each channel has a “Play” trigger button for launching the loaded sample which can also be set to loop. With more features this is a unique module that brings sampling capabilities directly into your modular rig. 

The Tapographic delay is an effects module that features mono in, and stereo out multi-tap delay effect. The round pad at the bottom of the module is where you can tap out your own delay rhythms. You can have up to 32 taps and the buttons along the top select presets and the delay morphs between them.