The Korg MS2000B: A Budget Classic

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The Korg MS2000B: A Budget Classic

We recently took stock of a used Korg MS2000B here at Nerd Audio. The MS2000 is a prime example of early aughts virtual analog synthesis. The B model includes a top mounted XLR jack and a microphone for easy 16-band vocoding, along with a highly attractive gray-black finish not available on the original line.

The MS2000B is a workhorse. It can handle sounds ranging from chordal vocoding to wobble bass all the way to reasonably convincing organs. A virtual patchbay and mod sequencer can turn a seemingly paltry 4 voices of polyphony into total cacophony or intricate, weaving soundscapes. A litany of onboard effects are available, including chorus, delay, flange, phaser, distortion, and EQ. An excellent midi implementation provides near complete control of the internal engine. All of the buttons and knobs on the panel can send midi to other destinations, making the synth a capable controller as well. Keyboard splits are also possible, allowing for multitimbral operation!

Overall, the MS2000B is a perfect synth for someone who needs a large variety of sounds, hands-on control, and is budget-minded. If you like the sound of your beat up Microkorg but wish it had automation and full-size keys, the MS2000 is a perfect upgrade. If you’re just getting started in synthesis and want a machine that can pump out reliably attractive (or gnarly) patches then look no further: the huge array of knobs and buttons is perfect for learning the basics on. Come in to Nerd and demo this classic virtual analog synth.

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