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Roland Juno 106

I think it's safe to say everyone interested in synths has heard of the classic 6 voice poly-synth from Roland. These days they are lusted after pretty heavily. But if you are one of those folks searching for an old Juno, here is a tip we have from reconditioning and selling a few 106's: look into what filter and VCA chips it has!

For a long time Roland was the only company making the  chips and with time those chips would undoubtedly start failing. Voices dropping out and crackling ruins those lush Juno chords we are all familiar with.

Fortunately we discovered a small company, Analogue Renaissance, which makes Juno filter and VCA chip clones which are extremely durable, high quality and have an identical sound to the originals.

Whenever we buy an old Juno for reconditioning we are sure to get the Analogue Renaissance upgrade. If you are going to shell out for this legendary synth, why not go the extra measure and make it better than new!

For more info on the Analogue Renaissance upgrade, check out their site!

Juno 106 Upgrade