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Z-Plane Filtering and The E-MU Morpheus Synthesizer

In 1993 the world was introduced to a unique concept called Z-Plane Filtering from a synthesizer developed by E-MU called the Morpheus Z-Plane Synthesizer.

Z-Plane filtering enabled the user to create an entirely new class of sounds unattainable with synthesizers that operate with a 2 or 4 pole lowpass filters.

The Morpheus Z-Plane Filter Synthesizer featured 197 filter models, up to 14-pole filters and 3 control axis: X, Y, Z. This essentially gave the user independent control over 7 filters simultaneously.

The Z-Plane filter pioneered a new sound that was unique to E-MU, and the samplers such as the E-MU E6400 Ultra Sampler became a cornerstone of the musical style Drum and Bass.

With popularity of Eurorack Modular Synthesis, the co-founder of E-MU Dave Rossum created a new line of modular synthesizers called Rossum Electro-Music and has since released many modules that reflect some previous E-MU synthesizers and sequencers.

A new module recently released called the Rossum Electro-Voice Morpheus has taken the Z-Plane Filter technology to Eurorack format giving users the sonic exploration into unknown territories. 

Check out this original video by E-MU describing the Morpheus and Z-Plane Filtering