Attenuators and Attenuverters

Modular Monday

Today we are going to look at two useful utilities in a modular system.

Attenuators and Attenuverters.

We will define the terms and then describe the application within a system.

Attenuator - an electronic device that reduces the amplitude of an electronic signal.

Attenuators are usually used to "tame" control signals/voltages but can however be used to trim the gain of an audio signal. 

Attenuverter - is similar to the Attenuator but has the added capability of being able to invert the incoming control signal/voltage.

Attenuverters can be useful when you want to modulate several destinations in opposite directions, one receiving positive control modulation and another destination receiving negative modulation. 

Attenuator Attenuverter 
0 - Nothing 0 - flipped wave (positive is negative , negative is positive)
5 - Half 5 - Nothing 
10 - Full Signal 10 - Full Signal


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